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renovation contractor in Vancouver,Coquitlam : Silvertouch Renovation

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How old is the house where you live  in?  how long Is going from the initial construction of the house? Are some parts of your house damaged? If you are already thinking about renovating your home, you have chosen the right article to read. The Silvertouch Renovation Group, a renovation contractor in Vancouver,Coquitlam , is

Carpentry Services in Coquitlam

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In general, a carpenter is one of the most important specialists in construction or home renovation who is hired to participate in a construction project. Do you know carpentry works in a building? What are the characteristics of a good carpenter? In Silvertouch Renovation group, we have hired the best and most skilled Coquitlam carpenters.

Silvertouch Renovation company do home renovation

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Just like home appliances that wear out over time and need to be repaired or replaced, your home also needs to be renovated and repaired after a few years. To do this, you need to let specialists in the renovation companies renovate your house and do whatever need for you. Maybe You are wondering what

Popular Types of Home Renovation

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Many homeowners prefer to remodel their home instead of moving to another location. These days, there are several types of home renovation that are very common. In this article, join the Silvertouchrenovation Group to tell you the most common type of home renovation. Know Types of Home Renovation In this part of article we will

Important reasons for home renovation : reasons for renovation

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Although renovating a home is time consuming and expensive, it can also be frustrating, but there are many people who want to renovate their home rather than change it. Do you know the reason? In this article, join silvertouchrenovation Group to tell you some important reasons for renovation your home. important reasons for renovation a

plumbing services in vancuver

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As you know, plumbing in buildings, whether residential or non-residential, is very important, because with the proper plumbing system in a building, its residents can be sure that water pass through pipes correctly, that are built into the walls and other parts. Therefore, when laying the building, you should pay attention to the fact that

Ways for making bathroom look bigger : have bigger bathroom

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Is your bathroom small? Do you have problem with it? Are you looking for the best idea in order to make the bathroom feel bigger? If yes, so come with us. in this article Silvertouch Renovation company will suggest you some ideas that can help you decorate your barhroom to have bigger bathroom , in

Some of the biggest design mistakes new homeowners make

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You may bought a new house and either you want to make it look like your own style or you want to renew it for sale. There are several points in designing a new house that you may not be familiar with. Below we discuss some of the most common design mistakes homeowners make so

Difference between remodelling and renovation

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Homeowners mostly think of renovation or repair when they feel their house is rusty or out of fashion. Some paint the walls some change the decor for the house to feel the freshness. The process of upgrading homes is either remodelling or renovation. Sometimes remodelling and renovation are used interchangeably, but here we clear the